Miss OTCHIK Contest Voting Page

Welcome to the Miss Ot’chik Model March Edition 
2022 contest.

proudly sponsored by Couture Arena




*Step 1 make a minimum of #100 or more (as the higher you votes the more your votes count) to the below company account number*


*Fidelity Bank*

*Otchik Modeling Agency*


*Step 2 After Successful payment either by the contestants or by friends then the voters should send evidence of payment for votes to the participant (screenshot of the debit alert)*

*Step 3 she will then forward it to us for confirmation so we can award your votes also note there’s no minimum amount of at once*

*You can vote as many as you wish*

*For Example*
*5votes = ₦500*
*10votes =₦1000*
*20votes =₦2000*
*30votes =₦3000*
*40votes =₦4000*
*50votes = N5000 *etc*

*Note: Contestant can vote for herself too*

Miss Ot'Chik Contest 1




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