Edward De Bono, a famous writer known in the field of creative and conceptual thinking once said;

 “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress and we would be forever repeating the same patterns”.

The modelling industry today has always been the foundation of new ideas, new creation and new features which are practised by taking pictures and brought into reality. It consists of the models who stay in front of the camera and create magic.

Just like movies, books or music, pictures tell stories. Pictures sell ideas, products and services.

A vast majority of brands, if not all, have seen the need to key into the modeling industry as a means of improving their tractions. And the more creative and unique the idea behind the picture is, the more compelling people are drawn to the idea.

There are various reasons why creativity is important in the modeling industry. Here are three most relevant reasons:

  •  Creative ideas in the modelling agency attracts a very success range.

I once read in a site describing “creating” as intelligence having fun. The smart ideas which are provided, they are just like drugs or pills taken to get better, boost the industry.

  •  Creativity helps in passing a message in a faster way.

The world doesn’t want to see a lady or a gentleman, arms crossed, legs shaking and smiling straight like a six year old, they would want to see one centered around creativity.

The whole idea about modeling has always been about creativity, how you give birth to ideas out of nothing that can be identified easily.

  • Creativity helps the world to buy into the lifestyle you are portraying in front of the camera.

Liris Crosse, a model/actress and pioneer in the fashion industry said;

“Modelling is about fantasy, getting people to buy into a lifestyle and a vision”.

A pretty face will not only do the magic, the style does it, the ideas and the reality of those ideas. Just like the advertisement world, when there is a product to sell, the “attention” of the audience is what’s required, once the attention has been captured, the lifestyle has been fully planted.

By Uchechi Maxwell




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