“To take Fine Art photography a long way, where people can get easy access to beautiful modelled art works and be appreciated in Nigeria”

On today’s episode of OT’Chik Moments, the beautiful, smart woman figure, Blessing Aloysius Udofia A.k.A Dona is here with us. Blessing’s outspoken talents have indeed become remarkable in the creative world and have definitely attracted so much to her name. We could not agree less that she has indeed portrayed art with her creativity.

Scaling through her words, we would read up how this journey has been so far for her.

How did you come to be a model and what was your inspiration?  

It was not an easy start up but I actually started off as a creative director,was scouted by 4thfingerstudios,then along the line while working with him we just started taking imprumtu shots and I realised; after he convinced me that is; that I actually loved modelling.

What does your typical day as a model of your status look like?  

To that, I would say reading, working out or surfing the internet for new ideas we can work on, then some days I’m out all day shooting or interacting with other creative minds and friends.

The modeling industry is quite dominated by people who see nudity as way of expressing confidence in their bodies. As someone who is often posing for cameras, how do you see nudity in entertainment and is it something you’re comfortable with?

Yeah I’m quite comfortable with it, but personally I would love a very beautiful or mind blowing concept when seeing nudity portrayed as art. Don’t just take nude pictures for the heck of it.

What has been the most surprising element of your job? 

Creating!!!. You know how you do get blown away by art, it’s like tapping on an item and boomm!, you get goosebumps, reactions just by the results. It’s just how people get jingle feelings, butterrflies when they are in love. It’s literally disappointing that the world has not seen it yet. There’s still art surrounding that segment. This was the first thing that came to mind when you asked this!.

Also, the idealogy about nudity, how the world sees nudity in modelling. It beats my thinking how people defends such thoughts about nudity. Just like I said earlier, I portray nudity as art not just for the heck of it.

(chuckling) If I could get blown away by just one piece, how about the whole world seeing it filled with thousands of people.

What challenges did you encounter while pursuing your career as a model and how have you been able to overcome them? 

Some of my family members going against it, but I don’t back down easily so I think they are getting used to the fact that I’m a model now.

Also the problem of funds, but let’s just say God has been amazing and he always provides for his children.

Having done so much for yourself in this short while, how do you want people to see/ define you and your style?

I would say I’m a fine Art model and I would love it to go far in the Nigerian modelling industry where we are used to commercial modelling and so on.

To take Fine Art photography a long way, where people can get easy access to beautiful modelled art works and be appreciated in Nigeria.

If you could pick any celebrity or model to work with, whom will it be? Why? 

Ric Hassani! I love his music! I love his style!! Everything about him is just Art to me!(chucking) Would really love to work with him

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