Ot’chik moments spotlighted Gabrielle”Gaby”, a 25-year old model from Miami, Florida. She is currently a debt collector residing in VA.

Gaby started her career as a kid and was introduced to modelling by her mother. At one point, she worked with Ford models, Miami.

Gaby’s inspiration for modelling is doing what makes her happy and that in turn makes her push forward with her career.
She is currently investing in herself; driving towards the main goal of being a full-time flourishing model and a corporate lawyer. Added to that, she stated, “I would cry for a month if I were to ever be on Vogue.”

Her View On Nudity
Looking at nudity in entertainment, Gaby is most comfortable with it. She says, “Your body is a temple of art… best to treat it as such”

Elements Of Surprise On The Job
Gaby confessed how surprising it is that people in the industry understand and support creativity which makes her work fun and great. According to her, she presumed it would have been more difficult.

Challenges And Disappointments
Challenge is one thing we all have a share in and Gaby’s cut in pursuing her career was specifically when she was auditioning for a commercial for John Robert Powers, FL at age 10 or 12. After the audition, trying to shame her, he asked her, “are you going to get your teeth fixed?”

It was a huge challenge for her and she was always insecure at every audition because of what that one man said. Gaby, however, was very lucky to have supportive parents who eventually helped her overcome her insecurities.

Gaby has turned out loving her body and flaws endlessly. She started buying clothes that fit her frame instead of what he saw the busty models wearing. She has become more confident that she asks photographers to leave her stretch marks unedited.

She is yet to ascertain how she wants people to define her and her style. Well, all these are part of what she hopes to discover as she proceeds in her career.

When asked whom she has dreams of working with, she excitedly said, “Zendaya Coleman. She is just amazing and beyond versatile in many ways”.

You can reach out to Gaby on Instagram using the handle @_ohmygahbee

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