On today’s episode of OT’Chik Moments, we interviewed Kayra Touré, a 22 year old Ivorian model and beauty influencer.

Kayra talks about her love for fashion, music, food and how her enthusiasm for exposure makes her love traveling.

How did you come to be a model and what was (were) your inspiration?

When I was teenager, I worked as a cashier at a retail store & I would always get compliments from customers. A lot of them asked me if I modeled. A few months after I left my retail job, I got an opportunity to walk in a fashion show, & from that moment on modeling became my passion, & I knew that it was my calling.  I began to work on my portfolio. Growing up as a darkskin girl, I got teased because of the color of my skin from kids my age. As I got older, I started to fall in love with my skin complexion & the woman that I was becoming.

I want to inspire young girls to let them know that anything is possible.


What does your typical day as a model of your status look like? 

I often do photoshoots, so a typical day for me would be me waking up, taking a nice shower, and eating breakfast. I’ll then do my hair & makeup either at the hotel or on set. I’ll then get dressed & get started.  After the photoshoot, I usually go out to eat and have a few cocktails with friends or family to celebrate.

I also do collaborations with brands, so I receive items that they would like for me to promote. A typical day for that would be me writing down & brainstorming a plan the night before for how I’m going to go about creating good content, then I will execute that plan the next day. I’ll do my hair & makeup, & figure out where the photos will be taken.

The modeling industry is quite dominated by people who see nudity as a way of expressing confidence in their bodies. As someone who is often posing for cameras, how do you see nudity in entertainment and is it something you’re comfortable with?

As far as nudity, I wouldn’t personally do a photoshoot that requires me to be fully naked.

I am a very confident person so I do feel comfortable posing in swimwear & lingerie.


What has been the most surprising element of your job? 

I would say the most surprising element of my job is how easy it has gotten for me to connect & network with other models, creatives, as well as photographers. I grew up being a shy person & I know that in this industry you have to network. So I’m really proud of myself for breaking out of that shell.

What challenges did you encounter while pursuing your career as a model and how have you been able to overcome them? 

A challenge that I encountered pursuing my career as a model was being comfortable in front of the camera. Like I mentioned previously, I used to be really shy. So when I first started modeling, it took me a while to break out of my shell. But the more photoshoots I did, the more I became comfortable & confident being in front of the camera. Another challenge that I encountered was walking in heels. I overcame that by practicing how to walk daily.


Having done so much for yourself in this short while, how do you want people to see/ define you and your style? 

I want people to know that I’m a woman of perseverance. I’m always thinking of creative ways to bring my ideas to life. I love anything fashion & beauty so that’s what I’m mostly focused on as far as my style.

 If you could pick any celebrity or model to work with, whom will it be? Why? 

If I could pick any model to work with it would be the one & only Naomi Campbell, she’s an icon in this industry.

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