Love Ozekhome also known as Loveberry is a Nigerian bred model. Born in Lagos state in the mid 90’s and hails from from Etsako East LGA, Edo state, Nigeria.

She did part of her education in Lagos state before moving to Port Harcourt city, Rivers state with her parents. Currently, she’s a 400 level Philosophy student of the University of Port Harcourt.

In this episode of OTChik Moments, LOVEBERRY reveals how she transcended from having a young girl being a vision to becoming a fashion model, video vixen and an entrepreneur

How did you come to be a model and what was (were) your inspiration? 

I first gave a thought on modelling after secondary school in 2012, I fell back due to lack of self-confidence, anxiety and I was timid, I was a very shy person and had no guidance on how to go about it.
I Started again in 2016 after I got into the University.
I love art, fashion, heels, also loved seeing the likes of Agbani Derego, Genevieve Nnaji, Victoria Secrets  and Naomi Campbell and I loved watching every fashion Tv channel and I was madly in love with their sense of style, excellent stamina, the ability to look good at alltimes, adaptability and the outstanding facial projection and I just had the passion of being what I saw.

What does your typical day as a model of your status look like? 

I’m an introvert and a loner so my typical day is mostly indoors, listen to music, surf the internet, study, work on school stuffs and projects as I’m trying to balance school and modelling and take the best of both, work on my self-esteem and I endeavour to figure out new recipes because I have a refined interest in food, I don’t eat food only because I’m hungry but it’s a hobby and I’m passionate bout food, more like a “gastronome”

The modeling industry is quite dominated by people who see nudity as way of expressing confidence in their bodies. As someone who is often posing for cameras, how do you see nudity in entertainment and is it something you’re comfortable with?

Nudity is a personal choice and decision
Nudity is a natural state of humans, the clothing styles and fashion accessories are art to decorate the nude human body.
Well, someone has to be self-confident in one’s self to express nudity, rather it’s more of Acceptance, accepting to being perfect in your imperfections, happy with your flaws, strong in your weaknesses and beautiful in your own way. So I don’t feel nudity is a way of expressing confidence in someone’s body.
To me, Confidence is a state of mind. an attitude, it means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life knowing your flaws and weakness and can handle criticism.
I can be comfortable with nudity to an extent and when I feel uncomfortable I simply decline.

What has been the most surprising element of your job?

The most surprising elements should be the fact that despite being a natural homebody, isolating myself so much that I lose touch with the world, modelling pushes me to get out and mingle with people , It pushes me to embrace new opportunities and people outside my comfort zone.

What challenges did you encounter while pursuing your career as a model and how have you been able to overcome them?

My challenges are Insecurity, had this feeling of inadequacy and uncertainty and Anxiety and I overcome them by embracing the awkward – accepting and feeling more comfortable in my own skin, Identify my competencies and develop them, and talk to a Counselor or Life coach.

Having done so much for yourself in this short while, how do you want people to see/ define you and your style?

I want to be seen as fiercely ambitious, productive and highly intuitive.
I hope to be better than I was and more than I am.

If you could pick any celebrity or model to work with, whom will it be? Why?

I’d choose Naomi Campbell, I love her great sense of style, her feline features and I’m just madly in love with her.

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  • Posted February 8, 2021
    by Blessing osegbo

    Greater heights love more grace to you.

  • Posted February 8, 2021
    by Azibola kester Ase

    Well done my beautiful 😍 friendship all the best nice job .

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