Often times you meet some Nigerians whine about how little the society supports them or their craft. Quite a number have actually gone as far as blaming the system for their inability to be successful.

Although it is agreeable that a society with limited opportunities could be uneasy for any form of growth, there are still some persons that believe in creating opportunities for themselves notwithstanding any obstacles.

One of such optimists is Sarafina Enitan Olajide, a Model and a Sales Professional who is of the view that positive mindset and hard work are all that’s needed to be a success. Let’s delve into Sarafina’s background, shall we…

May you tell us a bit about yourself?

Aside being a model, I’m also a Real estate professional. I am a lover of God, I am passionate about my work (Modeling and Real estate), I’m a people’s person, I am ambitious and driven, I’m enthusiastic and optimistic. I enjoy dancing to good music and reading good books. You will often find me at the beach, reading or meditating.


How did you come to be a model and what was your inspiration? 

Have always loved photography. I enjoy been a photographer and also been photographed.  On those days when I take pictures with my phone, my friends always  encourage me to go into modelling or be a photographer because I take them good pictures too.  So I decided to learn photography ( Modelling wasn’t even part of the plan, I ruled it out because I felt it’s only for really tall people) so while learning photography, I usually help to give creative poses then I discovered I really enjoy been in front of the camera too. It excites me and I’m able to express myself freely. Then the journey bagan!


What does your typical day as a model of your status look like? 

When I’m not having photoshoot, I go about my Real estate business.

What do you think about the notion that “only desperate models go as far as taking nude shots”?  And what’s your position on nudity? 

Nudity for me is ART, when I see a professional nude picture, I appreciate the ART it expresses. I don’t look at it in a judgemental point of view or with a perverse mindset. I appreciate it! To answer your question, only BOLD, models with high level of self-esteem can partake in such ART. It’s not the same for everyone. If I’m comfortable enough to take a nude picture, that doesn’t make me less of a woman( although have not gotten to that bold stage yet ) at the same time, I won’t judge those who do it for the right reasons. It’s  possible there are models who do it for the wrong reasons, I’m not talking on behalf of those ones.


From your perspective as a model, do you think models in Nigeria get the respect and recognition they deserve?

I don’t think having the recognition you deserve has anything to do with the country you came from. If you have the talent, consistency, hardwork, working with the right people and God on your side, your career will definitely takeoff. Social media has help visibility easier, your work can be viewed by people all over the world. We as Nigerians needs to stop limiting ourselves or been entitled. Nothing will be handed to you at your comfort zone, you need to go out there and get yours!

What challenges did you encounter while pursuing your interests and how have you been able to overcome them?

Have experienced people judging me without giving any trial or chance, they see me and doubt if I really have it in me. I chose to believe in  me amidst  doubtful eyes and I never stop been optimistic or enthusiastic. I always try again even if you said NO before, I’ll still come knocking. Lol


Who is your favorite celebrity model and why?

Tyra Banks. I love her work ethics, she’s a strong woman and she thrives despite the challenges she encountered in her modelling career.

I mean. She’s beautiful inside and outside, she broke barriers and emerge a powerful woman.


Having done so much for yourself in this short while, how do you want people to define you and your style?

I want to be a channel of hope to  a lot of people out there who think it’s impossible to dream let alone achieve it!

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