Ot’chik Moments today unveils Model Mercy Onwuchekwa. A very optimistic person. In her own words “I believe that a cup is half full rather than half empty. God has taught us how to trust Him, so I have“.

Asides from the fact that she’s a model, she’s currently waiting to serve in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). After rounding up her college education, she is into microblading and lash extensions.

The motivation…

As a child, she wished to be like the different women she saw in magazines. That has been her drive to being a screen diva. And Yes! She’s on it.

Mercy shows ardent love for Genevieve Nnaji’s poise and script interpretation who has now become her favorite celebrity model.

Her relationships…

Modeling has in no way affected her relationships with people. As an optimist, it has in fact fostered good and healthy relationships with people.

She is currently not signed to any modeling agency.

Does she support nudity?

Mercy sees nudity in fashion and entertainment as the best way to show off and prove confidence in her own skin.
She sees nothing wrong with nudity except otherwise, it is being used with the wrong motive.

The ups and downs…

In pursuing her career, getting sponsors has been really challenging for her. In a bid to overcome this challenge, “I ended up using my savings to foot my bills in my career” Mercy said.

She has also had her fair share of embarrassing moments. One of which was in an Interview session with judges which was the most embarrassing moment in her career.

“A message for my admirers..”

Mercy appreciates the love and support from those looking up to her and admirers of her personality. She drops an ending note – “Keep being YOU”

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