When you think about models who take creativity to a whole new level, you would be limited to a few. On today’s episode of OT’Chik moments, we had a fun discourse with a male model and vixen whose love for creativity can be best described as eccentric.

Okune Kenneth Joseph is an entrepreneur who started out as a photographer and hails from Cross River, a state in Southern Nigeria. He is a fitness coach and sexy vixen who has featured in several top notch music videos of famous artistes like Lil Kesh and a few others.

Ken’s zeal to learn and acquire new skills has enabled him to see great possibilities and opportunities where he harnesses his full potentials.

The Genesis…

On how he started out as a model, Ken, who is popularly known as Jotkid said, “I just had a desire in creating art with photography, seeing things from other angles and interpreting my imaginations to reality.”

It has been four good years since he towed this line of career and it has been good for Ken who describes himself as a professional model.

On Relationships…

Well, just like every dedicated and passionate individual seeking to reach a goal, Ken has had his fair share of happy and failed relationships.

“My career interest may have affected my relationships both positively and negatively,” he said. “However, all I would say is ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

On Nudity…

Ken’s love for creativity may be a bit eccentric to a few conservative minds. He has no problem with going nude for photoshoot because according to him, “it’s all art.”

And I must comment that this is a very bold step. His craft is unique and highly motivating.

Ken has this to say about nudity in modeling: “I view nudity as pure art. Art has no restrictions, so just make sure you create.”

Well, what do you think about that?

Meanwhile, issues on the job…

Ken, who is a freelance model has his own insecurities with the modeling industry.

According to him, the reason he works solo is because some modeling agencies do not offer better deals to their signed talents.

“So why not go freelance when getting signed won’t get me profitable deals and endorsements, “ he pointed out. “I’d rather hustle out jobs and deals myself, you know.”

Furthermore, Ken talks about the major challenges he as well as other models face in the business. He complained about the politics in the modeling industry and how it can be bothmanipulative and destructive!

According to him, “You have to be careful and patient if you want to go far. You just have to keep believing in yourself andalso learn to understand that it’s all a process. I guess that’s how I have been able to overcome and sustain myself so far.”

When asked who is favorite celebrity model is, Ken gives a chuckle and said, “I am my own favorite celebrity model o”

Hehehe How about that?

Message to fans…

“You should always believe you are of great potentials. Do you and stay real at all times.

“I really love what I do and it has always been fun moments for me. I think you can be the same and even better, if only you believe in yourself.”



  • Posted December 2, 2020
    by Dorcas

    I N love you believe and understand toward life

    Keep doing what your doing you will made it .

  • Posted December 2, 2020
    by Dorcas

    I love your believe and understanding towards life

    Keep doing what your doing
    You will make it .

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