Ogunniyi Olubukola Adebola, is our guest for today’s editorial on OT’Chik Moments. She is a Nigerian model, an accountant, nail technician and a worshipper. According to Adebola, “being Kind hearted is always part of me and I like to keep up with positive vibes.”

Speaking on how she ventured into modeling, she shared her experience. Adebola, just like many others didn’t have the slightest idea what modeling was about till she decided to give it a trial.

“Well, while growing up I got series of compliments from people who appreciated my height and stature,” she said. “A lot of people asked me if I was a Model or whether I played basketball, of which I didn’t do any.

I really didn’t know much about  modeling. Along the line I started gaining interest in it and I came to love it eventually.

“I took it professionally two years ago when one of my friend in school told me to try out a fashion casting and it kicked off from there.”

The road however, hasn’t been all too rosy. Adebola has had a fair share of challenges like being rejected for major fashion shows due to her poor catwalk. Well, of course that was a pretty long time ago before she mastered the true finesse of cat walking.

One particular moment still comes to her mind whenever she recalls her embarrassing moments. According to Adebola, “there was a time I wasn’t selected at a casting whereas people already hailed me for been fit for the show. It was very embarrassing to me.”

On Relationships

Adebola expressed her pride in her career. Basically, it has opened doors to great relationships of which she said, “I bless God for meeting them. It’s yielded positively and still yielding.”

Although part of the job is the aspect of nudity which most models have varying opinions about. Adebola, who is currently signed to Re management said that she’d rather not be part of any gig that requires her to go nude because of her belief and values.

She however encourages other aspiring models who look up to her to remain focused on their dreams.

“Do not stop pursuing and achieving their goal daily, “ she said. “You’ll surely get there with prayer and hard work.”

Your favorite celebrity model

Adebola doesn’t have a favorite.  According to her, “everyone is really at the top of their games and I really do appreciate all models for their effort in the modeling industry.”


  • Posted November 24, 2020
    by Ibrahim Adewale sodiq

    I am really happy to see you going places dear. I could remember when alfa tirmidhi told you then that you are fit for modeling though he was not too serious about it. Thank God for you now

  • Posted November 24, 2020
    by Eniola Idris

    I love her so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    She’s such a great inspiration to me
    Jah bless you 💯💯

  • Posted November 25, 2020
    by Doris

    Much love dearie, God is still taking you to places, well done dearie 🎉🎈 congratulations

  • Posted November 25, 2020
    by Bunmi

    Congrat, hmmmmmmm ur story inspired me

  • Posted November 25, 2020
    by Fagbenro Bisola oluwatobi

    God bless you dear, I love her so much…my bestie of life congratulation.

  • Posted November 29, 2020
    by Mutiu Akin Akinpelu

    Job well done my sister, keep remain focused the sky is your starting point.

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