Being famous can be lovely and amazing. As a matter of fact, everyone wants to have a taste of the feel, the paparazzi and la vida lo ca!

But the real question is, how many persons can handle being famous?

On today’s episode of OT’Chik Moments, a fast rising model gives insight to her little experience she’s had with fame and how it has, in a way, affected her relationship with others.

Dara Isaac is a model and biologist. Asides from modeling which she is very passionate about, she also shares her time being a TV host, acting and running her surprise brand.

That speaks volume of how enthusiastic she is about the media and spotlight, doesn’t it?

In fact, Dara says that her love for the camera and flashes fuels her on.

The fact that I had to look good and get paid was the peak for Me. Modelling has always been a passion,” she explains.

On being famous

The melanin skinned model said that her career pursuit has brought a lot of attention to her. Although, she enjoys the thrill that comes with being famous, she added that it has affected her relationship with a lot of person.

According to Dara, “Some persons don’t get comfortable with the fact that I’m getting lots of attention from lots of people.

Not everyone can handle fame. They probably think once you’re in the spotlight you tend to loose focus in life.

“So Yes, I had to keep proving myself till I got tired and that affected some relationships.”

Dara is currently a freelance model. She was signed to an agency prior to now.

On Nudity

“I honestly feel nudity is beautiful. It is a form of art on its own. It depicts the true beauty and natural definition of art.”



Dara, like every other person has had her own taste of challenges. She even says that she’s faced numerous.

“Firstly, I had a problem with the orientation behind modelling,” she said. “People tend to shift from the true meaning of modelling. (Pause)

“I had an issue with people who felt that only those who had a slender body can or will be a model. I had problem with the concept behind peagentry… (exhales and chuckles) There are lots more.”

Q. So how’ve you been able to overcome them?

Dara: “I won’t say I have overcome most of them. I can only say I have learnt to manage the situation. It will take a long time to overcome them.”


Favorite Celebrity Model

Dara’s self esteem is not one too many. She unlike other persons sees herself as her favorite celebrity model.

“I love me enough that I can share me.”


Embarrassing moment

Laughing hard, she said “That would be when I fell down while trying to get a pose.

“Everything about the shoot got wrong.”

Her message to her fans

To the people who look up to me and admire me I have something for them:

“First I’m not perfect, I make lots of mistakes.

Regardless I strive to be better everyday.

Growth is a process, no one can ever skip that.

And in this journey called life, they can only be a thousand and one room for growth.”

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