I am sure a lot of us have had embarrassing moments that when we look back to, we’d laugh over and love to share.

So on today’s episode of OT’Chik Moments, we have a glamorous model and creative/art director, Roselyn John, who’s been in the industry for quite sometime. Roselyn’s open mindedness about a lot of issues, that generally are meant to be sensitive, and her determination to make an impact have made her stand out amongst the crowd.

Let’s read all she has to share about her road to success, the challenges she met and how she’s ben able to scale the hurdles.


What motivated you to become a model and how long have you been doing what you do?

Actually, it just started as me taking pictures just to post on Instagram and one time I was approached by an agency who later became the first agency I signed with. So as time went by, I fell in love with the profession. So that’s just it for me. I have been modelling for 3 years now.


Has your interest in modeling in anyway affected your relationship with people?

Yes positively. Because now I got more friends, more exposure and all.


Are you signed to any agency?

No I am not signed to any agency at the moment.

What are your perspectives on nudity in fashion & entertainment?

I believe nudity is supposed to represent Art. The human body is a beautiful structure and exploring it is not a bad idea. It’s just the perspective or the idea behind the creativity that matters, any other ulterior motive should be checked and shoved away.


What challenges did you encounter while pursuing your interests and how have you been able to overcome them?

Ok ehmmm, it took me a while to master the industry, connect with other creatives. I got turned down a lot when it comes to working with them and all. But somehow I was able to leverage on my time with them especially talking to them for the first time, I had to show to them the reason why they should work with me. So I think presentation helped me get this far.


Who is your favorite celebrity model and why?

I don’t really have a favorite😂😂.I think I am my favorite model. I mean I admire the top models and all, they are all great in their own way.

Any embarrassing moments so far in your career? Which was most embarrassing?


Ok I think it was when I got called for a job. After passing the casting stage, we were to go in for fittings and none of the outfits actually stayed on my body, like I was too tiny for them😂😂😂. So I was just given my logistics fee to go back home. This happened in front of the other models and they all looked at me like I had some sort of disease😂😂 I was so embarrassed.


There are lots of persons who look up to and admire your personality, what message do have for them?

My message to them is that: make sure you are working smart not hard. Make sure you choose the right aspect of modelling you fit into (check google for more) and go hard for it. Lastly, keep doing you, someone somewhere is watching.

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  • Posted November 14, 2020
    by Hanah

    Wow.. that must have been super embarrassing. I’m a slim model and I know how frustrating it is to be in that situation.

  • Posted November 14, 2020
    by Lucas

    That’s right. Nudity is not a crime. Your bodies were actually created for a purpose and its nice to want to showcase how beautiful your body is.

  • Posted November 14, 2020
    by Ifeoma

    Your story is quite encouraging. Thank you

    • Posted May 17, 2021
      by Roselyn

      You are welcome

  • Posted November 14, 2020
    by Abimbola

    I admire your self esteem. But I have a question: is it wrong to look up to a particular model as your own role model? Because I heard you have to aspire to be like someone in order to be really successful. So how do I reconcile this differences.

    • Posted May 17, 2021
      by Roselyn

      Hi Abimbola, truthfully, you don’t have to look up to anyone except yourself and God most importantly. You can learn one or two from different people, put them together for your own use. Most important thing is master your craft and be a very high version of yourself always. Thanks

    • Posted November 2, 2021
      by Roselyn

      You don’t have to look up to anyone, you just need to learn one or two things from different people, cause your role model is not perfect and you don’t want to get disappointed when they make mistakes

  • Posted November 2, 2021
    by Emmanuel Okonkwo

    I humble and subjectively think that nudity is a bad idea in the congregation of people with the culture of putting on clothes 😁

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