Dark suits, white collared shirts, a tie knit tightly on the neck and lots of books in hand. Which profession rightly comes to mind when you picture this? 90% probably think lawyers. And you’re right if you think so.

Aside the on the hour busy schedules and bookish personalities, lawyers also know how to be fun. Think of Falz the Bad Guy, Ebuka of BBNaija, they know how to be atop the game in whatever craft they’re in.

On today’s editorial, OT’Chik Models met with a social media personality and YouTube vlogger Feyikemi Ayodele.

Kemi Ayoo, whose personal mantra is working in togetherness and love, shares insight into what it takes to be an excellent video creator and also, pursuing a career in law.


What inspired you to become a Youtube Vlogger and how long have you been in this?

I found out I really enjoyed staying in front of the camera. That, and the fact that I talk a lot made me feel the need to put it all into work. I started Youtube vlogging in 2018

What challenges did you encounter while pursuing this particular interest?

My main challenge is actually getting all round support, because definitely you would get the normal support you need from family and friends. But when you need to reach extra people it might be very difficult.


Do you have any regrets so far?

Nah I don’t have any regrets so far.


Aside vlogging and video creating, do you have any other career, or are you into this full time?

Well yeah, I’m a student of LAW. So when I’m not in class or studying, I then have time to create my contents.


Your YouTube Channel has over a thousand subscribers and views for each content, how would you describe this feat? Can you give us a secret to how you got this far?

Like I said, you could get the support from your family and friends, but you would also need to go the extra mile. You would have to grow better in creating good content and sharing your link everywhere. Particularly on social media.

It could also be an added advantage if you have people that are willing to help you share your content and get you more subscribers.

Who is your favorite celebrity model in terms of fashion and style and why?

Right now my favorite celebrity based on my style is Tomike Adeoye. She’s also a youtuber.


Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

Definitely, a great Lawyer with a good influence. And above all, a successful lady.

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