Although the world has witnessed a drastic impact of feminism, there are some fields and trades that are still conceived to be limited to a particular gender.

One of which is the modeling industry which, although wrongly, has been seen by majority as the “woman-job”.

Godfrey Onoriode, a model who has graced the Nigerian runways and commercials, had a discourse with OT’Chik Models. He explains how he believes that equity should apply in every sphere of life, including the modeling industry.


Who or what inspired you to become a model and how long have you been in this field?

Modeling has a value of expressing feelings, promoting culture and tradition, Although I’ve always admired top models like David Beckham, Uti Nwanchukwu, Benji Samat, etc, My late sister is my inspiration. She always wanted me to be a model. She always called me “ambassador” and I’ve been modeling for 5 years now

Any major challenge thus far?

Not really. Aside the stereotype that comes with the business, you know. There is this general misconception that modeling is only for females. But I’m able to rise above that.

Modeling is an art, you see. And art isn’t only for females. Passion for the art is what engineers the concept.


What other challenges do you think exists in this industry? have you experienced any before?

Maltreatment by event coordinators/directors, lack of respect for models, Lack of basic platform for the modeling industry to stand as a brand of its own. Also for freelance models, intimidation in some major castings hinder great talents as a result of lack of attachment to an agency.

Any major achievements thus far?

I was the best model during my NYSC days in 2018, Kano state. I have also been on top runways, commercials and editorials.


Who is your favorite celebrity in terms of fashion and lifestyle?

That would be David Beckham. He’s got it.


What are your future hopes and aspirations with regards to modeling?

I hope modeling continues to promote unity and cultural values as it has always done through the art of fashion and branding. That being said, I look forward to a bright future in this business. My Instagram handle is @Godfrey_nani