You need money to make money. Hmm! We hear that all the time, but what’s the truth validity of this statement?

 Given the stringent effect of the Corona Virus on the economy, one would begin to wonder, what hope is there for entrepreneurs in their early start ups. Are there any hopes at all?

OT’Chik Models, in a recent discourse with a fashion designer and entrepreneur, brought into light the fact that pandemic or no pandemic, life must go on.

Nigerian based creative designer, Eniola Olatunji has been in the Nigeria Fashion scene for over 5years. She has held several titles; most notably known as a fashion illustrator, production manager and design assistant for major fashion houses in Nigeria.


How would you describe your fashion brand and how did you come about it?

Fabulous Tops is a fabulous brand, haha!😂. On a serious note, the brand strives to provide its Fab babes with affordable, trendy and chic outfits which enable them slay on a budget. It was borne out of the desire to provide affordable clothing for women.

The pandemic created a loophole whereby we realized that a lot of people had to cut down on their expenses but we still wanted to provide QUALITY trendy pieces that would make our clients look and feel good.


What are the challenges you encounter in your line of business?

Well, I’d say getting the right set of people to work with you

 What future do you see for your business and how would you like to expand?

Honestly speaking and by the grace of God, the future is bright and the sky is big enough for all to fly.

We intend expanding into the luxury styles soon where we would be launching our sister brand – Luxe by FabTops. This is the premium brand for all my ladies that want the exclusive and premium feel.

We have other things coming up soon so I’d say you watch out and get your coins ready. Winks!



What motivates you as an entrepreneur?

Making my every lady look stylish and happy is a big motivator for me.

That pushes me to keep being the best version and to constantly deliver at any point regardless of any blocks or challenges.


Who is your favorite celebrity in terms of fashion and lifestyle?

This is a tough one; women like Beverly Naya, Sharon Ooja, Toke Makinwa, kill it all the time for me.


Your advice for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

Start small and expand with time. You don’t need to wait till you have all the money or all the tools.

Start with what you have and you’d be glad you did.

You’d be amazed if I tell you the capital I started this business with but that’s a story for another day.