It is said severally that the Nigerian entertainment industry is grossly extravagant, filled with pop divas and people desperate to be showbiz kings and queens. You would agree with me that standing out would require a whole lot more than playing it safe.

In an exclusive interview with OT’Chik Models, Chioma talks about her experience as a professional dancer and how she has been able to rise above the many challenges that come with the over populated entertainment industry.


Who is Chioma and what do you stand for as a person?

My name is Chioma Orjiakor. I am currently a 5th year Medical Student at Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) and also a Part-Time Dancer. I hail from Anambra State,  Eastern Nigeria. I enjoy dancing of course, reading, a little bit of fashion, traveling and sports. I can be described as a principled person, and I stand for discipline, persistence and hardwork.

How long have you been a dancer and what motivated you to take it to a professional level?

I cannot really recall exactly when I started dancing, it’s like I have been dancing practically all my life but I decided to take it professionally just few months back precisely in April 2020. I took this step because I started to see my art as something more than just a hobby. I have a dream of taking my art globally and impacting people with it.


What challenges did you encounter while pursuing this particular interest?

I have encountered a number of challenges during my journey. First being that I am a medical student, I run a tight schedule in which I do not have much time to focus on my dance. Also, I have to work extra hard to create the platform I deserve because I do not have the resources and professional team to pull the creative ideas I have for people to recognize my work.


Do you have any regrets so far?

Only regret I have at the moment is that I should have started earlier but then again no time for regrets. I will just keep moving forward with the good work


A lot of Nigerian Parents, as I’m sure you are Nigerian, do not fully support their children who wish to pursue their talents in favour of a professional degree. Did you experience such with your parents?

My parents were not in support of my dance at all initially. But with time, they started readjusting seeing how serious I was about dancing and I was able to balance it with my academics. Particularly, my mum, now she is a big supporter of my dance. My dad on the other hand is still lukewarm about the whole situation.

How have you been able to combine your aspiration of being a doctor and your dancing skills?

Combining being a Medical Doctor and a Dancer has been a tough one actually because medicine and dance are two different things, quite parallel. Basically, I just try to plan properly, set goals and manage my time appropriately. Definitely, I prioritize medicine first because for now it is my primary goal.


Who is your favorite celebrity model in terms of fashion and style and why?

It is safe to say Toke Makinwa is my favorite celebrity model in terms of fashion and style. She basically has it all: style, class, bad and bougie.


What is your greatest achievement thus far as a choreographer?

Considering I just started with my dance, I do not have much achievements yet but for the record: I have choreographed for a dance team in my school; held about 3 dance classes where I taught my own choreography; gotten some job offers from artists and basically almost all the dance videos on my Instagram Page (@_kaima11) are my work.