Nudity has become a prevalent theme in the modeling industry. As a matter of fact, nudity is something most models are expected to be okay with if they want top notch recognition.

Does it have to be so? In an open minded chat with an international model, OT’Chik Models got an insight into why some models have become comfortable with nudity in their job.

Miriam Amoako Agyeiwaa is fashion and fitness model who is half Mauritanian and half Ghanaian. Although she thinks nudity is completely beautiful, she admits that not everyone is comfortable with it. Let’s read what she has to say…


What excites you about modeling and how long have you been a model?

I have had the passion for Modeling and fashion since my tender age. I have what I’d call a prefect body for it too. It has been a year since I started modeling full time.

How did your family receive the information that you’re now into modeling? Has it in any way affected your relationship with anybody?

My family has been fully supportive. My elder sister actually introduced me to few modeling agencies when I started. So I would say it has not in any way affected my relationship with anybody. For the most part, when people ask me questions about the job of a model, I try to explain to them and make them understand how and what it is to be a model. So yeah, it’s not a bad experience so far.


What do you think about nudity in the modeling industry? Do you support it and would you take a nude shot if you get the opportunity?

Well, every model has his or her own perspective about nudity. Some do it simply to embrace their body because they are in reality proud of their body.

Personally, I do not do nude shooting because of my religion. I am a half Muslim, even though I don’t practice it but virtually all my family members are Muslim. So it’s not something I am inclined to do because of my belief.

Who is your favorite celebrity model in terms of fashion and lifestyle? Why?

Internationally, I would go for Gigi Hadid. Oh my God, she’s got a perfect body and make poses so easily. But I don’t actually have a favorite when it comes to local celebrities.


What are the major accomplishments you have had since you started modeling and what do you hope to achieve in the next 3-5 years?

It has opened several doors for me. Modeling in Ghana isn’t that easy, particularly in Kumasi where I’m located. But generally, it has given me the opportunity to network with several people, especially photographers.

I hope to achieve more. I aspire to be a top model and be intentionally recognized.


Any embarrassing moments in the job so far?

I’m yet to experience one. Hahaha!😅


What are your greatest fears as a model?

My only fear is the fallacy people in the society have that models are prostitutes! I do not want to be called out in public as one.

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