The Nigerian modeling industry right now is like a war front. In runways, commercials and studios, models are simply on their A-game.

Even new models are not safe from this endless competition. OT’Chik Models got this first hand information from a fashion model, who has only been in the industry for few months now. Gbemisola Aina, a 17 year old fashion enthusiast, shares her experience of how she was able to overcome her major challenge, inferiority complex, when she just joined the modeling industry.

What inspired you to become a model and how long have you been modeling?

What inspired me to modeling is my passion for it . Modeling is a lifestyle for me. I have been modeling for 6 months now.


Did you face any challenge while chasing this passion and how were you able to overcome it?

While chasing this passion of mine, I felt inferior. I thought maybe I couldn’t fit in as most fashion models are extremely tall. I just had to believe in myself. I believe I can do much better as long as I’m focused. And that was how I was able to overcome this challenge of mine. Ever since then, I’ve been doing quite well for myself.

What excites you most about the modeling industry and what major problem could you point out that exists in the industry?

What excites me most about the modeling industry is the High Fashion Class, the runway… I’ve always been looking forward to getting on the runway. (Chuckles)
The major problem I can point out that exists in the modeling industry is the sexual harassment of some models. It’s one thing I hope is curtailed soon enough.


Who is your favorite celebrity model in terms of fashion and lifestyle? Why?

That would be Naomi Campbell. She inspires me a lot. She’s a good mentor.


Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

I see myself farther than where I am presently. Also, fulfilling my dreams and being a top Model.