In a country already brimming with endless competition amongst top indigenous fashion influencers- who among them have proclaimed themselves as the best, a lot of us want to really have a rich insight on what it takes to lead in the fashion industry.

We have in this exclusive interview, a fashionista, whose name is Oyekanmi Adedolapo Rukayat. She is the owner of Virago, a fast rising online fashion retail store in Nigeria. Oyekanmi aims at making sexiness happen while building great relationships along the way. She shares a bit of what motivates her game:


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is art. It’s a voice. It’s a tool with which I help women fight some of their daily battles, because I’ve come to realize that when you look good and feel confident in what you wear, it adds a little more to your countenance.


How would you describe your brand?

Virago provides women with figure flattering outfits. When you talk of sexiness, you can’t take Virago out of the conversation.


What made you venture into the business of fashion? And how long have you been in it?

Honestly, my choice of niche arose from my personal style. I really liked wearing figure hugging clothes and showing skin tastefully and I knew that there were more women like me who would benefit from my taste in clothes. And I’ve been running Virago for a little over two years now.


What stands you out from other fashion brands?

I think it’s my attention to details and how much knowledge I seek about the products i sell so I can provide the customer with exactly what they need, even when they themselves don’t know what it is in that moment. For instance, I like to ask what part of their body they’re looking to accentuate or draw attention to and if they have color preferences. It helps narrow my search for whatever items they would like. It’s things like that that I think separates Virago from the others.


Which celebrity do you admire the most in terms of fashion and why?

It has to be Rihanna. She can look good as anything.


How has social media impacted your brand?

Social media has helped me get connections with people I otherwise may not have been able to connect with. It’s also broadened the reach of my business beyond what I expected when I started out, especially this early in the game.


Where do you see yourself in three-five years time?

I see Virago on a large signage facing a major road and having distributors all over the world to help provide for the best of the best.


VIRAGO is a leading online retail store. Her Instagram handle is @thefashionvirago

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